Brutally Honest

She liked sitting alone in a crowded place, 

And not to pretend being busy in this mad race.

She hated small talk and forceful conversations,

Listening to someone talk endlessly required a lot of patience.

She preferred dogs to homo sapiens,

And walked aimlessly in different regions.

She liked imperfect things,

And watching the clouds make rings.

She was too clumsy and awkward,

But always tried to put her best foot forward.

She wanted to get lost in a world full of books,

Not where everyone judged each other’s looks.

She liked being weird and silly,

And loved how some people captured moments beautifully.

She loved staying up till late,

Her room was filled with midnight snacks which she ate.

Books, movies and series were her escape from reality,

Those were things she needed to maintain her sanctity.

She used to talk to leaves and flowers,

And used to imagine she had supernatural powers.

She liked her tea a certain way,

And was awed to see the sun cast its beautiful ray. 

She liked screaming her favourite part of the song,

And wondered how some people never realized that they were doing wrong. 

She wanted the world to be a peaceful place,

But soon found out all everyone wanted was to ace. 

She had a lot of flaws, 

Watching someone smile genuinely used to make her pause.

She was horrible at expressing her feelings,

And had a lot of regrets about her failings.

She felt lonely at times,

And loved the soothing sound of wind chimes. 

She did not care about a lot of useless stuff,

And liked putting on a show that she was tough.

She was emotional and sensitive,

There was no stopping her once she turned inquisitive.

She liked madness sprinkled over her life-topped with an imaginative mind,

And the least she could hope was for everyone to be kind. 


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